Giving back to our community

These are just a few of the charitable organizations we are currently supporting through donations of goods, services, funds and volunteer hours. Please join us in championing these worthy causes; click on the individual links to learn how you can help that organization.

If you need help with an event, let us know. The Castaways are professional volunteers with many talents; ticket-taking, hand-stamping, beer-pouring, sausage-grilling, tent assembly, beach clean up...all with a smile! Drop us an email for more information.

If you ever wonder whether your volunteer efforts make a difference, click below to see for yourself.

So how much money have we raised? And how many hours have we worked? Check it out...


United  Methodist  Church
  F O O D   P A N T R Y  



Key West Art &
Historical Society


Theme Runs
Fashion Victims, Heroes Salute,
Red Shirt, Heroes & Villains,
Haunted Fort, Zonata, Turkey Trot
Buddy Pass, Fintastic, Sombrero Beach
Mariner's March, Pal 5k, Tutu Relay









Cow Key




Serving Community Roles with Caribbean Souls
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